Helen of Troy

by Francesco Cavalli

The Toronto Consort - Helen of Troy

May 12 & 13 8pm May 14 3:30pm*

The face that launched a thousand ships? Well, yes, but also the face that launched a thousand amorous misadventures, if Francesco Cavalli’s brilliant Elena is to be trusted. Cross-dressing, disguises, mixups and mashups – it’s all part of the world’s first great comic opera, set to some of Cavalli’s most seductive music. Sung in Italian, this opera in concert performance features Kevin Skelton as Menelaus, Michele DeBoer as Helen, and Laura Pudwell as Hippolyta.

*Our Sunday Matinee Sampler two-pack | A Medieval Christmas on December 11, 2016 and Helen of Troy on May 14, 2017 both at 3:30pm.

Generously supported by Greig Dunn.

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